Climate Cebu and Visayas Philippines

Climate Cebu - Visayas - Philippines


Climate of Cebu Philippines

Jährlicher Durschnitt der Temperaturen in den Philippinen


Cebu is characterized by narrow coastlines and the climate of Cebu is tempered by pleasant sea breezes from the Pacific Ocean.
The weather is moderate, having no distinct wet and dry season, the perfect vacation spot for all seasons.
Daily temperatures normally range between 26 and 33 degrees centigrade.
The dry, hot period is from February to May where temperatures can reach as high as 37 degrees centigrade. March and April are the hottest months.

At the rainy season from June to November temperatures are pleasantly cooler around 24 to 30 degrees.
The temperature can drop down at night to as low as 18 degrees in the cooler period from October to February.

The humidity is very high, seldom below 70 percent and frequently above 80.

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