Taoist Temple Cebu Philippines

Taoist Temple Cebu Philippines



Interesting place in Cebu-City: The Taoist Temple


Taoist Temple in Cebu Lahug




Beverly Hills Lahug
Approximately six km from the city centre in Lahug district lies Beverly Hills, the millionaire quarter of Cebu-City. From Cebu-City you can get fairly close to the temple by an Lahug jeepney.

Atop Beverly Hills is the highly photogenic Taoist Temple of Cebu which was built in the second half of the last century.


There is also a beautiful view of the city from this lovely place.


Taoist Temple Beverly Hills Cebu









Chinese Taoist Temple

This cultural centre of the Chinese minority with it's dragon paintings, altars and statues of the Buddha harmonizes with beautiful pagoda roofs.
Outside of the Temple is a pool adorned with lotus flowers.



Small chapel of Taoist Temple Cebu






Gong, Guan or Miao in Chinese for Taoist Temple

The Taoist Temple is frequented not only by faithful followers of Tao to perform their religious ceremonies but also by Chinese catholics and of course by many tourists from all over the world.


Im Vorraum des Taoistischen Tempels Cebu




Chinese cultural and commercial influence to the Philippines

Even before the Spaniards colonized the Philippines trade relations with China had been established.

Already through the 12th and 13th centuries the trade flourished with merchants from China.


Cebu's Chinese community

There are no official statistics available but today the proportion of Chinese or Tsinoys - as the Chinese people are known here - might be about 15%.


Lions and dragons guarding the entrance to the Taoist Termple








The guard never sleeps

White stone lions and colourful dragons are guarding the entrance to the temple.


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